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  1. Sandy Merz

    Of all the reasons for teachers to encourage students to become more civically engaged, preventing another January 8, 2011 is absolutely not one. The killer was severely mentally ill and if you’re suggesting that more lessons on voting would have made him act or the next deranged killer act differently, I have to disagree in the strongest possible terms. The people who need to have discussions with people “not like you” are predominately those in liberal media, public officials (including a local sheriff), colleagues, and even friends who before the victims were even out of the operating rooms were blaming Right Wing intolerance for the violence. I have heard so many condescending lectures about the need for civic public discourse by people who then, in a heart beat, refer to anyone who disagrees with them as sickening, immoral, mentally ill, and so forth. None of that last sentence applies to you, Eve, don’t get me wrong. But I hold in contempt those who so proudly proclaim their tolerance and openness to new ideas but then go bananas when actually faced with an authentically opposing idea and not just a reworking of some old idea they already agree with. (That doesn’t apply to you, either!)

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