John Spencer

John Spencer

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John Spencer

Phoenix, Arizona

In my sophomore year of college, I began tutoring a fifth-grader in a Title One, inner city Phoenix school. What began as a weekly endeavor of teaching fractions and editing essays grew into an awareness of the power of education to transform lives. My involvement in a non-profit propelled a passion for learning as an act of empowerment.

After earning a degree in secondary education from Arizona State University, I began my career as a middle school social studies teacher. My previous experiences in tutoring and mentoring helped me to see the need for personalized learning, critical thinking and high standards for students.

Over time, my students painted murals, engaged in weekly community service, filmed documentaries and created a regular online magazine. Early on, I began the process of using one-to-one student to computer integration. During this process, I earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Northern Arizona University; where I earned the Ed Tech Graduate Student of the Year award for my work in tech-integrated, personalized professional development.

As a middle school computers and journalism teacher, I am passionate about authentic learning, social justice and critical thinking in a digital world. I am an avid writer and blogger. I have over a decade of teaching experience ranging through multiple grades and multiple subjects, along with experience in technology and language acquisition coaching.