The Student Teacher

Molly Reed Education, Mentoring

Part of my 2011 teaching plan includes mentoring a student teacher.  In the past, mentoring student teachers has been a real check of my control issues.  My husband would be proud I acknowledge this, and I relish in it as

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Accomplished Teaching?

Alaina Adams Education, Elementary, Life in the Classroom, Mentoring, National Board Certification, Professional Development, Teacher Leadership

by Alaina As 2010 comes to a close, many of us are reflecting on our accomplishments – and things we’d like to do better in 2011. In education, teachers are doing this same kind of reflection. What is it, though, that

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An Image

Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

If your days are anything like mine than you must feel as though you are surrounded by a constant static of incoming information. Perhaps if I were more disciplined I would force the static to halt by mediating, praying, or

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A Child’s Perspective

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

by Jen We have heard from many teachers on this site, why they teach. So I thought I would ask random students around my elementary school why they think their teacher teaches. Here is what they said: “They love teaching

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Why I (STILL) Teach?

Donnie Dicus Uncategorized

Seriously, why does anyone still teach!? There have been many great posts these past few weeks that answers the question, "Why I teach?" (You can see some on this site and also on from our partners in Washington.) However, I

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