What do I know?

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I have a student teacher this semester and he is the first in my thirteen-year career. I must admit that at times I wonder if I really know what it is to be a teacher. I observe and plan with him each day and his energy is wide and expansive. I chuckle sometimes when I remember my student teaching and my excitement to run my 'own' classroom. This experience also gives me perspective on my teaching practice and experiences. I have noticed the new ideas in his lessons and the students' interest in these activities. I keep a little list of these activities so that I may use them next semester. I also observe my students and their behaviors as another teacher instructs. A great learning opportunity has come my way! 


DeLyssa Begay

Many Farms, Arizona

I belong to the Black Sheep People. My clan is my mother’s, and my father’s is One-Who-Walks-Around People. I am granddaughter to the Bitter Water and Red-Streak-into-Running Water Peoples. That’s mouthful, but it is my identity.

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