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It's winter, and luckily, the internet has been working without major glitches (knock on wood). Sometimes, major storms – wind, rain, snow – can knock off the internet connection for hours. On the reservation,  it's the schools, businesses, and hospitals that feel it most when there is a telephone and internet problem. It's slowly changing though, a few more families have internet connection and a home computer; and most often schools receive laptops from major donors.  The challenge is when the bandwidth band or connection doesn't match up to the newest laptops, or so many websites are blocked that using the internet is more work than expected. 

Meeting technology demands can be challenging for rural schools - on or off Indian reservations. I am reminded of Mike's article about his school's new laptops making the news, and generating criticism because of the tight budgets in most schools. Many schools on the reservation have begun to invest in electronic equipment with mixed results too. Maintaining the equipment and upgrading for the internet connection speed often lead to frustration. Many schools are trying to find the balance electronical devices have in students' lives and the distractation they cause.

There was a moment of silence for the terrible shooting in Tucson, and sadly, many of the students were not aware of the incident because they did not have television or internet news to inform them. 


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    Now we are like to use more technology in every job in our life. For more facilities such kind of feauture are more useful for us. I hope every people are like this technology in here.

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