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Spring Fever is in Session

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We’ve officially hit SPRING FEVER! It’s the end of February, and the students and parents burned out. Every single time one of my students unmutes themselves, it seems like some kid in the home is getting some piece of technology taken away. As the teacher, since coming back from President’s Day, I’ve seen a noticeable drop in completed homework assignments; more students are coming in late or not at all, and cameras that are typically on (their choice) are now staying off.
It’s been a long and challenging school year, and I know as teachers we’re feeling that Spring Fever as well. So the question is, how do we combat that feeling of Spring Fever in a time where exhaustion (mental and physical) seems to be the norm?


  • Find your team! It doesn’t just have to be your grade level team; in my case, my team consists of another first-grade teacher, a kindergarten teacher, and third-grade teacher, and our curriculum coach. Find your team, lean on them on the hard days, check in with them and most importantly, find time to talk about any other subject than teaching.


  • Review, review, review! Now is the time to really play up the review concept and make things active and fun. As a teacher who’s been virtual since last Spring Break, I know how difficult it can be to get creative over Zoom and Google Meets. However, remember, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. There are a plethora of resources on Facebook, Instagram, and Teachers Pay Teachers. A favorite of my first graders is Jeopardy, and of course, Kahoot will always be a hit.
  • Now for my most important tip…..TAKE YOUR SPRING BREAK! Please, please take your spring break. Whether you have one week off or two, you need that break. I know how hard I’ve been working this year, and I know how hard all of you have been working. Take the time to utilize some of your favorite self-care strategies, get some exercise and sleep in; you all more than deserve it!

It’s been a very long year, and we’re all doing our best. Cut yourself some slack as we come up to spring break. Boost your students’ confidence and play review games, add more breaks and read alouds into your schedule, schedule times to chat with your team, and, most importantly, take your spring break.



Hannah Williams is in her fourth year teaching, her first two years were in special education, and her last two have been in general education teaching first grade setting. She has taught in both a public-school setting, and the charter/Bureau of Indian Education setting, and has enjoyed them both. When she is not in the classroom, she spends much of her time looking into policies that affect our education system, as well as looking into ways on how to work in more social/emotional activities that will not only benefit her students but her entire family.

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  1. Leah Clark

    I love the reminder about reviewing with students! This has been something I have relied a lot upon this year. Since the students are so distracted, it’s important to spend the time reviewing to ensure they have learned the concept. Right now, my kids are obsessed with Blooket which is super easy for me since it uses the information I already have in quizlet to create interactive and high participation games.

  2. Kyle Bragg

    “Cut yourself some slack” – YES. This pandemic has been hard on everyone. For us to be the best we can for our students, we need to practice self-care. As hard as it is at times to get away from our computer, we have to remind ourselves that if we aren’t rested, we are doing a disservice for our students. I’d rather have energy and happiness with a lesson plan that is 70 percent effective than have no energy and being sad with a lesson plan that is 90 percent effective. Self-care matters!!

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