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Sometimes it feels like you’re running 100 miles an hour, but really only trying to navigate through the challenges and new learning one day presents. Let’s say I am training for a marathon. I’m taking small steps along the way

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Burnout Calculus

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Last summer I wrote a satirical piece about the teacher shortage crisis, wherein high profile comedy tours resorted to the same pale budgetary excuses that are used in education (—the only thing that was not satire in that story: the

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Photo Credit: Sharla Rowley Hoff

25 Word Stories from Monsoon Season 2018: The Haboob of the New, and What Follows

Amethyst Hinton Sainz Education, Education Policy, Life in the Classroom

Header Photo Credit: Sharla Hoff I remember that feeling, being in a haboob before we knew the word “haboob.” Wonderment, trepidation, a lungful of whatever was driven loose by wind. First day of junior high, and families arrive together, parents

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