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Nate Rios Current Affairs, Education

For the 20 years I volunteered and worked at Flowing Wells High School, and we called ourselves family. For years, it was true. This defining characteristic pushed all the buttons a young, aspiring teacher could hope for. But toward the

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A Year of Saying No

Melissa Girmscheid Uncategorized

Four post-it notes have been a constant presence in my home office since August. They’re stuck to the bottom of my Fellowship of the Ring movie poster, right above my computer monitor so they’re in my field of view whenever

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Thank You Retirees

Jaime Festa-Daigle Uncategorized

Last week, my district honored our retirees.  As I listened to each of their accomplishments and accolades, I couldn’t help but worry about the loss of so many years of experience, wisdom, and knowledge.  As the program went on, I

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