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A Jonah Day aka Academic Struggle in High Achieviers

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There I stood in my lovely class of 1st – 3rd graders with 29 eagerly engaged students and 3 crying in agony. The cries were not from physical pain, but the emotional turmoil that sets in when we sit in places of discomfort.

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Destress in Seconds

Sandy Merz Books

John Maeda, wanting to write a simple book about keeping things simple, set the goal of limiting The Laws of Simplicity, to 100 pages. Likewise, my goal is to take about 100 words to recommend a powerful, seconds long, de-stressing meditation, that I

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holiday lights

I’m Fun at Holiday Parties, Really!

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Around the holidays, many visitors and holiday party-goers comment on how tired I look.  I don’t think they mean this unkindly – it’s true, I do look exhausted this time of year (and many other times throughout the school year).

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Holiday Tears and Cheers with English Language Learners

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There are many moments when I really wish my Spanish was better, and yesterday was one of those moments. It was the last day of the semester, and my introduction level English Language Development class (grade 7 and 8) was

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