What Do You Do with That?

Paul Forehand Uncategorized

One of the greatest cruelties of capitalism is its view of utility. All too often, and in almost every sphere of activity, we are conditioned to produce. We no longer recognize any significance in the ding an sich – Kant’s

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Hanging On

Nicole Wolff Current Affairs, Education Policy

Not too long ago I listened to a couple colleagues talk about retirement. They had their countdown calculated to the day, hour, and minute. I remember being amused. I was genuinely happy for them and appreciated their excitement over their impending

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My Last Day

James King Uncategorized

A draft of my letter of resignation: To Whom It May Concern: The day you mandate that teachers have to legally be unethical, dishonest, and horrible humans will be my last. While I see that legislators have been stacking racist,

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