Sitting… Waiting… Wishing…

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

Sitting… Waiting… Wishing… Think about our students, the students in your class, are they sitting, waiting, wishing? In the publication The Teachers of 2030, Barnett Berry’s statement, “The rules and tools of the No Child Left Behind Act have reinforced

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Bobblehead Begone!

Molly Reed Uncategorized

I encourage risk taking from day one with students. I dare them to try new things and to experiment with the unknown. Yet, during my first five years as an educator, I avoided being a risk taker in a way.

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The (High) Cost of Teaching

Donnie Dicus Uncategorized

Every August, I have two major worries. First, I worry about the students. Will they be well-behaved? Will they have basic skills like letter sounds and addition mastered? Will they need intereventions? Will I connect with them easily? These worries go

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