Homework …

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How much is too much? Or not enough? I guess it varies on grade level and purpose. I was amazed at the amount of homework my neice and nephew would bring home. Some evenings, yes entire evenings, were spent on homework;

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The Union I Know

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As the Arizona temperatures begin to fall below a hundred, and the excitement surrounding “Education Week” in America begins to fade, we find ourselves with lingering thoughts. I know I find myself with sound bytes from the teacher accountability discussion

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Sorry, Superman.

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  You can keep waiting for Superman, but he’s not coming.  I find the title of a certain highly controversial documentary to be ironic, because it is problematic in its symbolism, alone.  To invoke such iconography during the debate over

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Coffee Talk

Alaina Adams Books, Education, Education Policy, Life in the Classroom, Professional Development, Social Issues, Teacher Leadership

One of my favorite skits on Saturday Night Live was “Coffee Talk,” in which a Mike Meyers-inspired character, Linda Richman, praised the likes of Barbara Streisand, said everything “looked like butta,” and encouraged viewers to “talk amongst themselves” with a one-word command: “discuss.” Yes, the characters on this

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Finding Gold

Delyssa Begay Education, Life in the Classroom

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon in Northeastern Arizona, I sit before my laptop. The kids are at Grandma’s, and I can read and write without the disruptions of children’s curiosities and burgeoning independence. I checked my email account and realized

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