Is Arizona Next?

Mike Lee Current Affairs

Michele McNeil's article in Education Week on January 14th was a fascinating look at a near miss in California.  She writes about newly-elected Jerry Brown's immediate revamping of the education agenda, only days after taking office and says: "(His) education shake-up

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Delyssa Begay Education Policy, Web/Tech, Weblogs

It's winter, and luckily, the internet has been working without major glitches (knock on wood). Sometimes, major storms – wind, rain, snow – can knock off the internet connection for hours. On the reservation,  it's the schools, businesses, and hospitals

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Everything is a Controversy…

Mike Lee Uncategorized

My school was featured in an article for the New York Times this week regarding technology use in education and our new iPad Lab dubbed, "The iMaginarium."  This was coup for the school and we have had two major software/curriculum

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Hopes and Dreams

Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

Two years ago my family and I rang in the New Year toasting our glasses to the bright future of America with our first African-American president. For months it felt as though all was possible. As a minority, it seemed

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So Few Students; So Much Time

Eve Rifkin Assessment, Education, Education Policy, Elementary, Life in the Classroom, Mathematics, Parent Involvment, Social Issues, Teacher Leadership

Every single student, all 190 of them, have a 30-minute long, midyear conference to which they invite parents, guardians, peers, teachers, and other staff members. They share work from their portfolios, talk about their accomplishments and struggles, reflect on their growth in the Habits of Heart and Mind, and set goals for the short and long term. The advisor facilitates each conference, but the student is truly in the driver’s seat. It’s not strictly a time to show off, although that happens sometimes. The roundtable conference is a time for honest reflection and hard conversations too.

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A New Year

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

by Jen “Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”  Hal Borland In January many people set goals for the upcoming year. I invite you

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The Student Teacher

Molly Reed Education, Mentoring

Part of my 2011 teaching plan includes mentoring a student teacher.  In the past, mentoring student teachers has been a real check of my control issues.  My husband would be proud I acknowledge this, and I relish in it as

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