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New Quarter, New School

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Spring Break. The calm before the storm. We’ve been back from our desperately needed two-week break for two weeks now, and it’s been…A LOT.


Before COVID hit, construction started on our school remodel, and I’m not talking new furniture in the classroom; I mean an entirely new school with swings and sidewalks and a full-sized cafeteria. Needless to say, we were excited.
Fast forward to the first Monday of Spring Break, I entered our new school for the first time, and while excited, I was incredibly overwhelmed. Leaving for a year and coming back to an entirely new building gave me anxiety I didn’t expect. While the new school was beautiful, the fact that I needed a map to get around MY school was frustrating. I was coming back seeking familiarity after such a crazy few months, and nothing was familiar.

Little by little, however, things are slowly starting to get more familiar. There are more familiar faces roaming the halls, albeit covered in masks; scrambling around making copies and searching for butcher paper, and although things have been relatively tense as we wait for Gov. Lewis to allow our students to come back onto campus, it’s been incredible to see so many smiling faces.

Since coming back onto campus, one of my favorite activities is to take my students on virtual tours to different parts of the school. They get so excited (their favorite part of the new school is that it includes stairs) and ask so many great questions, and it’s been such a nice way to introduce them to the new buildings.

We’re hoping to get them back for a little while at the end of April, but even if that doesn’t end up working out, we start back up in July, so regardless, we’re all starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that light is looking so incredibly bright.



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Hannah Williams is in her fourth year teaching, her first two years were in special education, and her last two have been in general education teaching first grade setting. She has taught in both a public-school setting, and the charter/Bureau of Indian Education setting, and has enjoyed them both. When she is not in the classroom, she spends much of her time looking into policies that affect our education system, as well as looking into ways on how to work in more social/emotional activities that will not only benefit her students but her entire family.

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