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We are all facing the challenges of COVID-19. Social distancing, face masks, staying at home, and online instruction.

So…. is this a good time to pursue or continue with National Board Certification? Honestly, I think yes. It is.

When I reflect on my NBCT process, it pulled out of me several skills that continue to help me in this current season.

Structure: The process forced me to be intentional about what I was teaching, how I was teaching, where I wanted to get my students, and why. During this current situation, many districts and administrators know as much as us teachers about how to provide instruction. We are all “figuring it out together.”  The structure I learned as an NBCT candidate continues to help me to analyze and decide on how to best meet the needs of the students that I have in front of me today, using the resources I have available to me.

Support: NBCT candidates have access to NBCT Candidate Support Providers. You will not have to go through your process alone. You will also have a safe place to reflect, analyze, strategize, and regroup. This has increasing value during this time of social distancing and isolation.

Resources: The Arizona K12 Center is available for ongoing support and guidance through the NBCT candidate process from start to submission.  This includes:

  • Pre-Candidacy Classes
  • “Kick Off Saturday”
  • Coaching Saturdays
  • Monthly Supports
  • Access to an NBCT Support Candidate

They also provide you with a variety of support and resources that will help you plan, collect data, and properly prepare your submissions.

Funding: Yes, funding is available to cover the costs of certification.  This includes specific funding for:

  • continuing candidates
  • new candidates
  • candidates that have not yet achieved certification
  • candidates ready to maintain (renew) their certificates.

That’s a lot of funding! Yet, there is no guarantee that it will always be available. Do not procrastinate. Act now!

Whether you are ready to start, in the process, considering continuation, just hearing about this, or ready to renew, you owe it to yourself to get in on this opportunity. You can learn more information about these offerings on the Arizona K12 Center’s Teacher Support webpage

You may also find the article “Why This May Be the Year to Pursue National Board Certification” to be a helpful resource.

I am also an NBCT Candidate Support Provider. You are welcome to email me any questions and I will be happy to assist.

To those that decide to act, congratulations on making one of the best choices of your teaching career!


Yolanda Wheelington

Phoenix, Arizona

Yolanda has taught for the past 7 years in the Phoenix Elementary School District. Her passion for developing and supporting the human potential is evident in the cross-curricular work done her classroom. She is a member of the Association Montessori International and is a RODEL Scholar. Yolanda earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.), a Master’s in Social Work and a Master’s in Education (Special Education) from Arizona State University, and a diploma in Lower Elementary Education for ages 6-12 from the Montessori Institute of North Texas.

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  1. Maria Fallon

    I am so glad you addressed the topic of pursuing National Board Certification during COVID-19. I have had many candidates wondering if this is the right time. I completely agree that the National Board process helps us to be more intentional about knowing our students, creating meaningful, worthwhile goals, implementing instruction, and evaluating/reflecting on student learning. What better time than now to become Nationally Board Certified!

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