Jaime Festa-Daigle

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Jaime Festa-Daigle

Phoenix, Arizona

My name is Jaime Festa-Daigle and I was born here in Arizona.  I work as an assistant principal at Lake Havasu High School.  I’ve worked in Lake Havasu teaching everything from 8th grade English to student council to college level government and economics.   I was recognized as the American Civic Educator of the Year in 2012.  I am fully focused on ensuring rural students have equal access to educational opportunities as their metropolitan counterparts.

I am an NBCT, Arizona Master Teacher, and an Arizona Rural Schools Association board member.  During the small moments where I am not focused on how to make Lake Havasu High School the best school in Arizona, I am usually nerding out on politics, fretting about my teenaged children, or working up a sweat at Cross Fit.

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