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Defeat Doesn’t Live Here

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I think of this word and I think pain, rejection, frustration, and FAILURE. As I grow as a teacher leader there are times when I could let defeat consume and define me. As educators we experience highs and lows, that impact our practice, and most importantly the students we serve. It’s imperative, as educators, that we don’t allow defeat to take root and weaken our profession.

A spoken understanding in my class is that students don’t have to be perfect; they don’t have to be “right”, they don’t have to have all the answers, but they must TRY. This trying, and the “Power of Yet”, helps build a culture where defeat can’t thrive. When everyone is working to learn more, try more and do more, there isn’t room for defeat.

In a time of negative rhetoric surrounding teacher pay and teacher shortages, it is easy to feel defeated.

I implore you to not let defeat live within your class, your site, or networks.

Below are strategies I have used to ensure defeat doesn’t have a place to live.

1: Believe in the “Power of Yet“:

  •      Using networking, sharing your story, and shoulder tapping, there will be a positive change in education. The change may not be visible immediately, but a change is inevitable. When experiencing roadblocks, find someone in your network to help you think through the issue, and approach it again.  Know that there is change to be made, work towards it, and believe in the Power of Yet.

2: Get Involved

  •      Get involved. Only you know how, when, and what you want to get involved in. With that being said, have an open mind and seriously consider any and all opportunities that spark even a modicum of interest. Your involvement in different organizations and activities may provide you with a new perspective and will allow you to grow your network, which in turn provides you opportunity for growth.

3: Network, Network, Network

  •      I personally didn’t realize how powerful a network could be, whether locally or globally. In the past year, I made a vow to myself to expand my network outside of my district. I joined and became active on Twitter (@TeachDB17), became involved in the AZ NBCT Network  (@AZNBCTNetwork), as well as applied/accepted an opportunity to work on a National Policy Project with Hope Street Group. These networks have all intertwined and encouraged me to share my story, and help change the rhetoric about education.

As you continue through the year, reflect on how you can stop defeat from taking root.

Who can you talk to? How can you grow? What’s the risk of letting defeat define you?

As you reflect remember to believe in the Power of Yet, get involved and network.

Our work together as educators and supporters of education will make the Power of Yet a reality.



Danielle Brown

Sierra Vista, Arizona

My name is Danielle Brown, and I am a PROUD, National Board Certified (EC-GEN) public school Kindergarten teacher in Southeast Arizona. I will begin my seventh year teaching, with one year as the arts integration specialist and 6 years as a kindergarten teacher. I have a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona and am currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership.
I believe in Board Certification and I support teachers, as a Candidate Support Provider, in their work to achieve Board Certification. I am continuing my journey of teacher leadership from the classroom as a 2016 ASCD Influence Leader, focusing on engaging educators in policy, as well as working as a National Policy Teacher Fellow with Hope Street Group, as well as a new member on the Arizona Teacher Solutions® Team. I love connecting with other educators, staying solutions oriented and growing as a professional.
You can find me on Twitter @TeachDB17, reach out, connect and let's grow together.

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  • Katrina Smits

    Looking forward to more from you, Danielle!

    • Danielle Brown

      Thank you Katrina! I appreciate you reading it and being a part of my educational journey! I will have another post at the end of the month! I will make sure to share it!

  • Sandy Merz

    I love the Power of Yet! I’ve never seen that before. I have to show it to my students. Thanks for sharing this Danielle.

    • Danielle Brown

      I hope your students enjoy it Sandy! It keeps my students engaged (being Sesame Street) but more importantly it imparts an important message of perseverance and growth!

  • Christine Porter Marsh

    The power of net working is often underestimated; I’m glad you included it! The “power of yet” is an awesome concept!

    • Danielle Brown

      I am still learning how powerful networking is in our profession. I am also beginning to realize just how important it is to network for change! I love the word YET, there are so many possibilities when you use that word over others. Thanks for reading!

  • Beth Maloney

    Danielle, your words are inspirational. I love the power, energy and expertise you bring to our AZ NBCT Network.