Deep and Wide

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“Deep and wide, deep and wide…” goes the children’s gospel song that circulates through my head during these trying two months of my life.  I’ve lost my second job that supports my teacher salary, and on top of it, I am actively involved and supporting the #RedforEd movement sweeping through the classrooms of Arizona.  My life would be termed as “chaotic,” “uncharted territory,” and lastly, “a leap of faith.” Sounds like fun, eh?

Feeling the support of the community, parents, and students for #RedforEd is empowering.  Leaving behind my classroom for a brief civic intermission is unsettling. Observing the debates between both sides of this statewide educational tug-of-war is frustrating.  Hearing uninformed media and politicians spout their “educational expertise” is maddening. Watching teachers walk away from the fight because of FEAR is haunting.

Fear is circling the army troops of educators, and several are starting to lose their focus on the prize- making education a priority in our great state of Arizona.  I once heard an evangelist define fear as “False evidence appearing real.” Hearing the the threats of politicians and organizations has people questioning what is real.

What is real?  Our children who need quality textbooks, up-to-date technology, smaller classroom sizes, and highly qualified trained educators.  Our parents who need mental and emotional support for their children in school counselors. Our teachers who need a salary that doesn’t require a supplemental income.  Our support staff who needs manageable tasks to help support children, not more and more piled up onto their plates. That is reality.

The opposite of fear is faith.  Faith is “believing in what you do not see.”  I have faith we can succeed in this passionate drive for quality education in Arizona.  I have faith that our leaders are making well-informed decisions with our best interests in mind.  I have faith that YOU will have faith and stick with this to the end. If teachers committed to #RedforEd in the beginning of walk-ins and wearing red shirts, they need to stick to the end, enduring the bumps and bruises of the battle.

Deep and wide… that’s my faith in this movement, in you, my fellow teachers of Arizona.  Keep it up!! Don’t give up. Have faith.



Lisa Moberg

El Mirage, AZ

Adventure is my middle name. Although I have never sought it out, it somehow finds me, especially in teaching!! These past 16 years of my teaching career have been an exciting voyage in education, stretched between two different states, three school districts, and six grade levels (Kindergarten - 5th grade). After teaching in Washington State for six years, I moved to Arizona and have taught at a Title 1 school in the West Valley for ten years.

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  1. Amethyst Hinton Sainz

    Thanks for having faith in all of us! My big hope is that the public will be sparked to seek out the actual facts, and not react based on inconvenience and spin– it has been a rough couple of weeks, but hopefully everyone will be looking at the benefits once we see the money coming into schools. I truly hope the districts are able to help take care of classified staff as well.

  2. Leah Clark

    This a great post. I love that you acknowledge the fear that many of us, including myself, felt during the last few weeks. But I hope that fear becomes our motivation to keep up the fight. I fear what will happen if we don’t continue to voice our opinions and have our voices heard loud and clear. We have to harness that energy fear promotes and turn it into positive motion to fight for what’s right.

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