COVID is SCARIER than Halloween!

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There is nothing wrong with a fun scare. Most people will agree that the opportunity to be shocked in this way often ends in laughter and good memories. Halloween is one time of year when it is ok to play a prank, have a scare, and share some good times. Add candy and costumes into the mix and we all can understand why children of all ages anticipate the excitements that this celebration brings!

Yet, with COVID numbers rising as I type, many people are wondering: “What is a safe way to salvage one of the most fun social nights of the year?”  Many of my students started asking me this question during the first week of October. If they are wondering, so are others. After doing some research, we found a variety of recommendations that will help you make safe celebration choices.  Please feel free to share this with your students, families and friends.

Some no contact alternatives:

  • You can decorate your yard and have a neighborhood decorating contest.
  • You could attend a drive through Halloween activity.
  • Have a family Halloween movie night (nothing too scary for the young members of the group!)
  • Make special treats.
  • Have a Halloween scavenger hunt (walk or drive around and look for pumpkins, hay bales, scarecrows, Halloween colored lights, inflatable Halloween decorations, etc.).
  • Host a virtual costume party with games (how many candy corns in the jar, pumpkin carving/decorating contest, best costume, etc).


If you must go out..if you cannot resist…here are a few more guidelines to help keep you safe:

- Hand sanitizer and hand washing

- Allow 6 feet between your group and others

- Look for activities that encourage safe social distancing

- Lower your risk by attending events at less busy times

O – Only take your mask off to eat or drink

- Wear a protective face mask even if you are wearing a costume mask

- Encourage neighborhood fun (scavenger hunt, decoration contest)

- Enjoy TV specials and decorations

- Notice and respect other people’s boundaries


For more information, read the article Holiday Celebrations. It comes from the Center of Disease Control and provides alternative activities for all holidays at lower, moderate, and higher risk levels in the face of COVID.


Stay safe!


Yolanda Wheelington

Phoenix, Arizona

Yolanda has taught for the past 7 years in the Phoenix Elementary School District. Her passion for developing and supporting the human potential is evident in the cross-curricular work done her classroom. She is a member of the Association Montessori International and is a RODEL Scholar. Yolanda earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.), a Master’s in Social Work and a Master’s in Education (Special Education) from Arizona State University, and a diploma in Lower Elementary Education for ages 6-12 from the Montessori Institute of North Texas.

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  1. Kyle Bragg

    Thank you Yolanda! I appreciate the “no contact alternatives”, especially respecting people’s boundaries. Some people might be “OK” with interacting and being a bit closer to others, but we have to be aware of others who aren’t. It’s not just about “me”, it’s about “us”.

    Happy Halloween, and stay safe! :)

  2. Yolanda Chanel Wheelington

    Thank you! Halloween was the big one, but we still have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and THEN NEW YEAR. Let’s continue to stay healthy so we can enjoy the seasons as much as possible.

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