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Get your goggles. We have a flood.

James King Uncategorized

Coughing. Gasping. Thrashing through rapids. With unexpected waves drudging rocks, sludge, and debry down upon a once placid lake, a well-prepared swimmer would panic. Nose plugs, goggles, and a swim cap do nothing to prevent the swirling catastrophe closing in.

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Maslow Before Bloom

Randi Fielding Uncategorized

Educators have a tough job right now. We’ve been told by Superintendent Hoffman to “continue to provide educational opportunities to students to the best of [our] ability” during this time of school closure and world-wide pandemic. We’re doing our best

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Crisis Leadership

Jaime Festa-Daigle Uncategorized

I always thought I was a strong leader, but nothing has tested my leadership like COVID-19.  It has tested the leadership of every school administrator in a way that is different from everything else.  In a matter of days, our

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32 Days

Caitlin Gawlowski Uncategorized

It has been 32 days since I have seen my students. 768 hours since I have been on campus. 46,080 minutes since I used my teacher voice. Well, maybe the last one is not true since that seems to sneak

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