If I Knew Then

Jaime Festa-Daigle Uncategorized

I recently watched a video about teachers writing letters to themselves on their first day of teaching.  I was so inspired that I asked our mentors to facilitate this for our district’s new teachers and to bring these to our

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Developing PD Attitudes

Jen Hudson Uncategorized

It was week 5 of the school year. In my work with beginning teachers, relationships were growing, trends were starting to emerge, and similar questions were beginning to become commonly asked. This year, however, the most common theme of the

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How Can We Grow?

Caitlin Corrigan Uncategorized

The theme of my life this year is all about growth. I am growing as an educator by teaching a new grade at a new school district, so I am seeing different perspectives on teaching philosophies as well as learning

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Children silhouette

#FirstDays with MORE Kids

Jess Ledbetter Uncategorized

Some teachers say that class size is everything. What if I told you that my #FirstDays with extra students have been totally AWESOME?!? Don’t stop reading. I’m not crazy. I’ll tell you why extra typical peers in my developmental preschool

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