Fill The Void

James King Uncategorized

After a year-end presentation, I remember my AP government teacher chuckling and sighing “you’re either going to be an unctuous politician, or a wonderful, sincere teacher one day — could go either way.” I remember this back-handed compliment for reasons

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Lessons from the Lonely Garden

Amethyst Hinton Sainz Uncategorized

When I learned we were assigned to work from home in March, my anxiety about the safety of my family lessened, and was immediately replaced with mild panic over whether our school garden* would be left to die.  At first

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What Will Fall Look Like?

Jaime Festa-Daigle Uncategorized

As the school calendar comes to a close, schools are continuing to figure out how to answer questions around locker cleanouts, award ceremonies, graduations, and summer school.  Processes and procedures that have marked the end of the year for decades

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