Logical Steps Through Darkness: The Path Toward #NBCT

Jess Ledbetter National Board Certification, Professional Development, Teacher Leadership, Uncategorized

Are you working on National Board Certification or coaching NB candidates? I have this little mantra that’s become a good friend over the years. I want to share it with you and tell you what it means to me: Logical

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Am I Having Fun?

James King Uncategorized

I made more money at jobs with a high school diploma than I do as a teacher. 15 years have passed. I completed an associate’s degree as well as my bachelor’s. I left well paying jobs, took on debt, and

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Want, Need, Wear, Read

Jen Hudson Uncategorized

I walked into the classroom of one of my beginning teachers and noticed a ‘teacher wishlist’ on her board. Some additions were obvious; it was December and supplies of tissues, dry erase markers, and hand sanitizer were running dangerously low

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