One Week

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

Lately, I have been thinking about teacher evaluations, classroom observations and walkthroughs. As our first quarter of school came to a close, I stopped to reflect on my practice. What data, comments or feedback helps teachers move their practice forward?

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Running Out of Time

Rachel Perugini Uncategorized

I am naturally a fast paced person. Like the Energizer Bunny, I bounce around all day long until I get home, bounce slower, and eventually crash into my bed to recharge. Despite all my bouncing, I still have the same

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Who Should Have Seniority?

Sandy Merz Uncategorized

A Return to Work (RTW) teacher in Arizona is one who retires, begins to receive their full pension, but stays on in their teaching position earning a percentage of their salary. This is legal because the RTW teacher technically becomes

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Most Spirited

James King Uncategorized

Earlier this week, just a few moments after sunrise, I found myself looking down at my school from atop a steep slope. I was pulling weeds, and raking a rocky hillside. No. This was not penance for some classroom stunt.

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