Must Like Kids

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You may have heard that 70-80% of new restaurants fail within the first year.  As it turns out, that often cited statistic is exaggerated: the actual figure is 17%, according to Forbes.  It turns out the chance of success is

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we are more than king

We Are More Than Dr. King

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I was blessed to grow up in the rich African American (Black) culture that resides in the Washington, D.C. area. I saw our good and bad, our strengths and weaknesses, our beauty and shame wherever I looked. I was secure…I

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The Smart Phone Battle

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Leave the Book at Home – BYOD If you’re like me and teach in today’s high school system, you have no choice but to deal with the cell phone epidemic every single day. Today’s electronic devices are incredibly powerful. They

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Student Led…School Events?

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Back in December, I had an amazing, unexpected experience that really shifted my thinking about school events, teacher responsibilities, and student leadership. It all started on a chilly morning before school. I had signed up to help with a school

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photo credit: Thompson Rivers Click the link to watch the video: Intro to the Writing Centre via photopin (license)

A Jonah Day aka Academic Struggle in High Achieviers

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There I stood in my lovely class of 1st – 3rd graders with 29 eagerly engaged students and 3 crying in agony. The cries were not from physical pain, but the emotional turmoil that sets in when we sit in places of discomfort.

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