32 Days

Caitlin Corrigan Uncategorized

It has been 32 days since I have seen my students. 768 hours since I have been on campus. 46,080 minutes since I used my teacher voice. Well, maybe the last one is not true since that seems to sneak

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The New Normal?

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

It’s hard to wrap my brain around exactly what is going on these days. I am sure many of you who are reading this blog are experiencing similar feelings. Yes, we are all watching the news and being flexible and

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The Perfect Pie

James King Uncategorized

The crisp, hot air floods the room. The air has a scent of browned bread, and a hint of sweet berries. With a bit of effort, and a functional oven, a decadent pie emerges from the oven. While critics and

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Spring Break is in the Air

Caitlin Corrigan Uncategorized

I am counting down the minutes until Spring Break, which for me officially begins in 480 minutes! Between finalizing grades, holding Parent-Teacher conferences, serving on a district committee the past two weeks, doing my actual job of teaching my students,

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wonder wall good friend

Why Am I Teaching This Way?

Kyle Bragg Assessment, Education, Elementary, Games, Life in the Classroom, National Board Certification, Professional Development, Social Issues, Sports, Uncategorized, Web/Tech

Have you ever thought, “Why am I doing this activity? What is the point?” A common response from veteran teachers is something like, “I’ve done it this way for ___ years!” A few years ago, I would say something similar

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