Yes girl

Letting Things Go

Sarah Kirchoff Uncategorized

I am a yes girl. “Mrs. Kirchoff, will you take the lead on this?” Yes. “Mrs. Kirchoff, will you write this up for us?” Yes. “Can you be on this committee?” Yes. “We are looking for volunteers to help out

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Puns & Peace of Mind

James King Uncategorized

This summer, I saw my life unfold on the silver screen — yes, my life has been adapted into a feature film. The flattering part of it was that when it came to casting, the executives at Disney spared no

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Year 35 or Year 1?

Sandy Merz Uncategorized

Sunday, August 8, 2021, 6:35 AM Tomorrow, Year 35 as a classroom teacher begins with a big change in my professional context. For the first time since Ronald Reagan was president and the Bangles walked like Egyptians (you’ve got watch this), I’ll

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