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Supporting African American Youth

Yolanda Wheelington Current Affairs, Education, Education Policy, Elementary, Life in the Classroom, Professional Development, Social Issues, Teacher Leadership

My initial purpose for this writing piece was to highlight the current academic status of African American youth in Arizona. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate current information about our academic demographics. I have requested this information from the

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Why I Love…

Jen Robinson Education, Elementary

I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a hoax, a made up holiday to support greeting card, chocolate and flower companies. I mean really, if you need a day to say “I love you”

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An End to Civil Discourse: One Teacher’s Response to HB2002

Beth Maloney Current Affairs, Education, Education Policy, Parent Involvment, Professional Development, Social Issues

Remember how I reminded us to trust, but verify?  HB20002 was the first education bill dropped this session.  It is a bill outlining a ban against teachers discussing any political issues, court cases, and/or current legislation in school. I don’t

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