Reflecting with Colored Pencils

Jen Hudson Uncategorized

Eleven years ago when I graduated from NAU after student teaching, I was given one of the most versatile gifts, reflective gifts I have ever received. Twenty-four colored pencils. These colored pencils have seen me through moving classrooms and sites,

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The Hustle

Jen Hudson Education, Life in the Classroom

I’ll freely admit I am far from a perfect parent. My almost-two-year-old loves music and there is only so much “Baby Shark” and “Baby Beluga” one mama can take. The other day, when he asked for “Music, please, Mama,” I

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Noisy Trees

Jen Hudson Current Affairs, Education

I’ve always been obsessed with Aspen trees. When I was younger,they were the “noisy trees” because of the way the wind rattled off of the leaves. When I was in college at NAU, my only science class was an Environmental

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