A Lovely Day

Veronica Vasquez-Robles Elementary, Life in the Classroom, Parent Involvment

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a-lovely-dayOn the day of love and friendship, there were many schools across our nation filled with smiles and presents. All children remembered to bring their goodies to hand out and share with their peers, along with a special one just for their teacher.  They were excited, huge smiles on their face.  Offices were filled with deliveries, roses, balloons, and candies. So many children were proud of what they were giving and what they had received.  Parents and family members flooded offices to drop off what their child had forgotten at home, whether it were cards or juice boxes.  Some parents even stayed for the day to volunteer, hoping to help the teacher with the end-of-day festivities.  I am sure this caused a natural smile on our faces, to see us all happy and full of joy.  It was a moment students had anticipated and were prepared for.

I can’t help but wonder what it would take to get this same feeling every other day of the year.  To see kids prepared, with homework in hand, with smiles on their faces.  To see students ready to share their thoughts about last night’s homework with friends and teachers.  The joy it would bring to have parents and families volunteer or bring in the homework their child forgot at home.  To have families stay a bit longer to see their child learn and support the teacher.  To have donations delivered all day long, gifts of learning materials for the kids to use.  This, too, would cause a natural smile on our faces, to see us all happy and full of joy.  Every school day is a moment students should anticipate and be prepared for.

We must think, if we are able to make this happen on one day, how can we make it happen every day?


Veronica Vasquez-Robles

El Mirage, Arizona

Having a strong sense of pride for family and community and a desire to learn, I knew I wanted to one day serve my hometown of El Mirage, AZ as an educator. Following the path my sister set forth and my drive to study and serve, guided me to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Arizona. I eagerly returned home, hoping to offer my students knowledge and opportunities, and helping them create memories along the way. In my heart, I knew I had more to learn if I intended to impact my community and our youth like I had once hoped for. Supported by my family and friends, I earned my doctorate from Arizona State University, making a Wild Devil out of me. Along with my degrees, I also published my memoir as a means to honor my family and hometown. Now, after 10 years in education, I couldn’t be happier. I have been able to realize my dream and serve my hometown and home district as a language arts middle school teacher, an instructional coach, and most recently, as a school site administrator. It feels amazing when I am able to tell my students, “If I can do it, you can do it, too.”

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