Why I Chose to Maintain my National Board Certification During a Pandemic

Amethyst Hinton Sainz National Board Certification

I try to remember to look at the small pupil of the laptop camera instead of the grid of faceless names before me as I smile, wave and say hello. I am collaborating with a colleague to teach Hamlet to

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Undeveloped Thoughts

Sandy Merz Uncategorized

The story goes that when my dad went away to college, he was going to study economics. On his first trip home, he told my grandfather that economic concepts bounce off his head like billiard balls and that he was

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Kelly Ingram Park, Birmingham, Alabama. Photo Credit: Blog Author: James King.

“Keep Moving”

James King Uncategorized

In August of 2016, I made the choice to “come home” after 7 years in Orlando, Florida. I crammed what I could into a Honda Civic, gave away my remaining IKEA furniture, and began a solo mission driving across the

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