On Crises

Paul Forehand Uncategorized

I really doubt that anyone would argue with me if I were to say that we are in a crisis. The problem though, is one of definition. “Crisis” originally comes from the Greek krinein – To Decide. A crisis does not necessarily

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Thank You Medical Staff

Yolanda Wheelington Uncategorized

Today, 11/25/2020, at 8:09 am, I typed “frontline workers COVID” in my Google Chrome search.  The following stories came up, all posted within the last 24 hours: TExas’ medical and frontline workers and vulnerable populations to get COVID-19 vaccine first

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November Post


Nate Rios Education, Love

There wasn’t much else for me to say. I was resigning. The principal came to my room, stood behind my own version of the Belgian Gates, and looked at me. After almost 20 years at the high school, he told

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