Reflections of a Teacher Saying Goodbye

Beth Maloney Education, Elementary, Life in the Classroom, Love, Professional Development, Teacher Leadership

As my twenty-year classroom teaching career draws to a close, I feel the need to share my reflections and important things I’ve learned.   There is nothing more important than classroom community.  First and foremost, classroom community affects student behavior.  It

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Get your goggles. We have a flood.

James King Uncategorized

Coughing. Gasping. Thrashing through rapids. With unexpected waves drudging rocks, sludge, and debry down upon a once placid lake, a well-prepared swimmer would panic. Nose plugs, goggles, and a swim cap do nothing to prevent the swirling catastrophe closing in.

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Readiness for Remote Learning in Our Innovative School

Amethyst Hinton Sainz Assessment, Current Affairs, Education, Life in the Classroom, Mentoring, Teacher Leadership

              Since Arizona closed schools March 16, like my Stories from School colleagues and many other people around the world, I have experienced alternating episodes of hope, tears, escapism, distress, mental dispersal, zen, joy,

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Maslow Before Bloom

Randi Fielding Uncategorized

Educators have a tough job right now. We’ve been told by Superintendent Hoffman to “continue to provide educational opportunities to students to the best of [our] ability” during this time of school closure and world-wide pandemic. We’re doing our best

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