The New Normal?

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

It’s hard to wrap my brain around exactly what is going on these days. I am sure many of you who are reading this blog are experiencing similar feelings. Yes, we are all watching the news and being flexible and

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Fostering and Developing Classroom Community in Our Brave New World

Beth Maloney Current Affairs, Education, Elementary, Games, Life in the Classroom, Social Issues

Teaching is about relationships and community. As Carla Shalaby says in her fabulous book Troublemakers, “It is deeply relational, human work” (p. 172). I’m struggling to hit the right notes as we consider moving to online or distance learning (aka

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The Perfect Pie

James King Uncategorized

The crisp, hot air floods the room. The air has a scent of browned bread, and a hint of sweet berries. With a bit of effort, and a functional oven, a decadent pie emerges from the oven. While critics and

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