The Best Days of Our Lives

Jess Ledbetter Uncategorized

A simple provocation on Twitter: To show that you love teaching, share what your #LoveTeaching theme song would be. Oh yeah, I thought. Challenge accepted. I can keep this pretty simple. I want my students to leave every single day

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Underlings No More

James King Uncategorized

Soon-to-be traitor Cassius states “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / it is in ourselves” in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. I recently threw this quote at my ninth graders while they practiced interpreting

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Emmy’s Treehouse

Jen Hudson Elementary

People always roll their eyes when I tell them I love teaching middle school. “I could never do that. All the hormones. No thank you.” I always laughed it off and responded, “Oh man, could never teach the little ones.

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Students take a brain break during testing.

Let’s Play! Maybe Older Students Need Recess, Too!

Amethyst Hinton Sainz Education, Education Policy, Games, Life in the Classroom, Literacy, Love, Social Issues, Sports, Uncategorized

Today was the first day of AZELLA testing for my 7th grade introduction level English Language Development class. They were very nervous during the first subtest (Listening), and then we had quite a bit of time to relax. It wasn’t

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She must be excited about the latest tech integration program

Ginsu Knives of Tech

Melissa Girmscheid Uncategorized

It slices! It dices! It can cut through a tin can! It grades! It adapts! It can predict student growth! Ever feel like the next educational tech trend is the Ginsu knife of technology? This Classroom, That Classroom, Which View,

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Randi Fielding Books, Education

This month I had a super cool opportunity to present at the National Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Conference in Portland, Oregon. The title of my presentation was “Co-Teach-ish.” You may be wondering how they let me in with a

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