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It’s 7:00 am on a gray and chilly Saturday morning and I’m rushing out the door, dressed and coffee in hand.  As I kiss my sleepy daughter and husband goodbye, my husband exclaims, “Have fun being a sidekick!” We have

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Student Led…School Events?

Jess Ledbetter Uncategorized

Back in December, I had an amazing, unexpected experience that really shifted my thinking about school events, teacher responsibilities, and student leadership. It all started on a chilly morning before school. I had signed up to help with a school

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Online Learning: Building Relationships in the Digital Age

Leah Clark Education, Life in the Classroom

This week, I began teaching an online class. I have little experience in online education. I started my undergraduate degree when AOL still used instant messaging. Online classes were rare; in fact, I think I took one biology lecture and

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