Is Our Energy Renewable? Professional Capital Part II

Amethyst Hinton Sainz Current Affairs, Education Policy

Sustainability. Staying power through wise choices. I have heard people argue the causes of global warming, and the best human response, but I have yet to hear anyone attack the core value of sustainability. And it has become a metaphor

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Under Construction

Angelia Ebner Uncategorized

  Coming back to fifth grade in the midst of common core meant greater rigor, high expectations, and new ways of teaching cognitive processes. I was nervous that maybe I would not have the game to rise to this new

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Just. Keep. Calm.

Mike Lee Education, Education Policy

That’s right AZMerit scores are here. We’ll finally know how Arizona students performed taking a first stab at the measure of the new standards. Kind of. Districts have now received embargoed reports that can’t yet be shared with the public

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Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

In 2007, I achieved National Board Certification. In 2007, a National Board Certificate was valid for ten years. At ten years, I would renew my certificate, or go through renewal. In 2007, the idea of the renewal process seemed far

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talk bubble

Just a Word, Please?

Jess Ledbetter Uncategorized

I really have something on my mind lately: Teachers need time for professional conversations with colleagues. I’m not talking about mandated conversations chosen by administrators for PLCs or Professional Development. I’m talking about giving teachers unstructured time to develop strategies around

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The Wait…

Jen Robinson Assessment, Education, Education Policy

  The inevitable is coming later this month. Arizona standardized assessment results will be released. We know the preliminary data is dismal showing most Arizona students are not proficient in reading or math. I have unsettled feelings about the score release

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