Who Cheated in Atlanta?

Eve Rifkin Uncategorized

In 1963, Davey Moore, an American boxer, lost a fight due to a technical knock-out. He left the ring complaining of a headache and died of inoperable brain injuries 4 days later. He was 30 years old. That same year,

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The Cycle of Mistrust

Lisa Moberg Uncategorized

Trust.  An interesting concept—the cornerstone of a healthy marriage and good relationships with others, but yet is it present anywhere else in society? There seems to be a cycle of mistrust throughout all facets of communities, especially those who are

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Raise Your Voice!

Donnie Dicus Uncategorized

“You’re a teacher!? And you were discovered online and asked to be here?! Wow, that’s the teacher dream! How did you get people to notice you and listen to what you have to say?” One young teacher who was volunteering

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