Living Legacy: Three Reasons Why Young People Should Consider Becoming a Teacher

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The ability to inspire others is the most important quality of a leader. Age has little to do with what appeals to us. In fact, a recent study shows that what draws us to people we choose to follow compared

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Patricide and Choicetopia

Mike Lee Uncategorized

In one characteristically gruesome Greek myth, the enchantress Medea tricks King Pelias’ daughters into killing, dismembering, and boiling him, on a promise that she will add a spell to the stew that will return the aged ruler to his youth. Unfortunately, their actions lead to nothing

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Too Much!

Jess Ledbetter Uncategorized

Sometimes, I think that “advancing the profession” is just about NOT quitting. We all have those rough weeks as teachers, but I had a doozy the week before Spring Break. Between parents, policies, and the work of the job—it’s just

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