Can Teaching Follow Medicine’s Prescription?

Greg Broberg Current Affairs, Education, Education Policy, National Board Certification, Professional Development

Ron Thorpe recently published a provocative piece in Phi Delta Kappan where he outlined key components for a plan to fully professionalize teaching in America. His proposals are highlighted by extended residencies for preservice teachers, and a pathway that leads all educators towards advanced certification. Personally,

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From, “Arggghhhhh!” to “Awesome!”

Sandy Merz Education

A few months ago bloggers argued about a parent who complained that the Common Core had needlessly complicated subtraction. The controversial techniques involve deconstructing “hard” numbers into “easy” numbers and working on the parts to get the answer. Most the teachers commented that

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Twenty Minutes

Lisa Moberg Uncategorized

The other day I completed my reading lesson with fidelity to the curriculum, rigorous objectives, 100% student engagement, and data from formative assessments to indicate skill mastery.  Sounds like a great lesson, right? But I was panic-stricken. Somehow I completed

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The Small Things

Eve Rifkin Uncategorized

Joey is a junior and, already, failing four classes. We have seen this many times before. The debate always sounds the same:     "Joey is lazy."     "Wait–maybe Joey is unmotivated"     "What's the difference?"    

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Everybody Knows

Mike Lee Uncategorized

Everybody knows that she’s creative. Everybody knows that she’s got the ideas. Everybody knows. Well, at least the 28 miniature people that surround her know.  And, sometimes some colleagues. Sometimes, some parents. But, rarely, policy makers. Rarely, leaders that define her

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