Small Data

Eve Rifkin Uncategorized

I'm beginning to truly believe that our obsession with "data driven decision making" will end one day. I used the term the other day and I felt like I was saying something outdated, like "paradigm shift" or "Michelle Rhee". It

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Learning Revival!

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Call me crazy, but when I have 40+ students gathered together in my primary classroom for an afterschool club, I am happy.  These kids, ranging from Kindergarten to 7th grade, are generating high levels of excitement about their shared interest-

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The Unnoticed Professionals

Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

Paraprofessional: a person whose job is to assist a professional person. Every day, Monday through Friday, school Paraprofessionals report to their job sites to begin a new day.  In our district the various duties that Paraprofessionals carryout include: playground and

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Who Are You Going to Call?

Greg Broberg Uncategorized

There is research that demonstrates the connection between the physical condition of a school and student attendance and grades.  In his book “Savage Inequalities”, Jonathan Kozol describes schools where the blackboards were so badly cracked that teachers were afraid to

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Just Humor Me

John Spencer Education Policy

“Don’t smile until December,” a teacher warned me before I started my first year. I tried that on the first day, but it was too hard. My face is expressive. Kids know if I’m scared or nervous or happy or

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Jen Robinson Current Affairs, Education

Patriot Day Today at our school we remembered the first responders who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. We were honored and humbled to share this moment with local firefighters, police officers and honor guard. The Chief of Police

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