What’s the Rush?

Julie Torres Uncategorized

This is my third school year out of the classroom and although I feel as though I am always busy, I’ve noticed something that has never come to my attention before; teachers move at breakneck speeds.  It seems that when

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(Un)Informed Critical Thinking?

Mike Lee Uncategorized

  Surprise, surprise.  In a survey released this week, pollsters found that the American public is uninformed about a host of public policy issues, in particular the Common Core Standards. As educators we gasped at the numbers generated by the

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Data Chats Beware?

Greg Broberg Uncategorized

It is difficult to participate in any school-based professional development that does not include some conversation about data.   This is especially true as teacher teams come together in data chats.   An important aspect of collaboration among teacher and school teams,

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Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

  I ended the school year completely deflated with my school’s double digit AIMS score losses in two out of four grade levels. Confident my school would fall from an A to a C or D, I was shocked to

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A New Year

Jen Robinson Education, Elementary

August 2013 I have begun my second year as an elementary principal. Honestly last year was just blurry. So it should be different this year, right? Actually it is. As I prepared for the “first” staff meeting, the “first” parent meeting, the “first” day, I

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