Birthday Wishes

Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

A couple of weeks ago, I was celebrating my birthday with my wife and son–Dora and Manuel. As we finished dinner and lit the candles on my birthday cake, both Dora and Manuel said, “Make a Wish” before blowing out

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Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

In the thick of the sequester debate, the comment is often heard that we should cut with a scalpel instead of hacking with an ax. The problem with the scalpel scenario is that if you cut over and over, the

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I Am Afraid of Babies

Mike Lee Education, Elementary

The word makes me shudder, cringe and cower. Unless it is preceeded by the phrase, “You’ve come a long way,” I don’t want to hear about babies. Or pregnancies.  Shower?  It better involve a spout, steam, and a whole lot

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