A Response to a Thank You

Julie Torres Uncategorized

Fellow blogger and new NBCT, Amethyst Hinton-Sainz recently posted a blog thanking our district for supporting her through the National Board Certification process.  She got me thinking about possibilities, in fact teacher possibilities.  Our district has recently committed to expanding

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Green 360

Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

January’s WestEd board meeting centered on “Learning and Teaching in a Networked World.” During the board meeting we had the opportunity to attend two breakout sessions. I chose to attend a presentation by Laurie Maak, Senior Research Associate, Web-Based Communications.

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School Happens

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

We are now just over halfway through the school year and I realize no matter what we try to do, school happens. Although we mindfully schedule monthly fire drills to minimize disruptions, we have no control over those days that

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