Calling all 18 year olds…

Greg Broberg Uncategorized

Randy Turner, a 14 year English teacher in Joplin, Missouri recently authored a blog post with a warning for 18 year olds:  Don’t become a teacher[1].  A friend, and aspiring pre-service teacher, sent me a link to the blog post

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Come Together

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

Friday, December 13th started like every other day. I got up around 4:30 went for a run with the dogs, had a cup of coffee and began to think about the day ahead. When I had gotten to school we

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Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

  Most of my adult life I’ve experienced insomnia due to circumstances such as working 12 hour shifts from six in the evening to six in the morning, taking education classes at night that ended at 10 or later and

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