Kids’ Closet

Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

 Have you ever looked in your closet and said, "I don't have a thing to wear." Everyday thousands of students across Arizona look inside their closets and they "do not have a thing to wear." However, thanks to SaddleBrooke Community

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Innovation Isn’t the Answer

John Spencer Web/Tech

I remember watching baseball games in the 1980’s. I couldn’t tell if the Giants were playing in Pittsburgh, Cincinatti or Philadelphia. Every stadium was the same – a giant, donut-shaped behemoth meant for concerts, baseball games and football games. It

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Time to Move On

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

I’ll be honest I am in disbelief that it is December. How can it be that the second quarter is quickly coming to a close? How is it possible that the first semester is finished? For that matter where did

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One Thing to Know

Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

Committing your life’s work to educating children is challenging. Educating children in Arizona often takes the idea of challenging to a new depth. Halfway through my 16th year of serving Arizona’s children, I will admit that I wonder if I

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Their, Them, Mine, and Us

Mike Lee Current Affairs, Education, Education Policy

I’m fortunate enough to have a staff that would be willing to have their data tied to the peformance of the whole school, support each other in improving the learning for all through flexible grouping. They are willing to sink or swim as a team. When I asked if such a unique declaration could be made, the answer was simple.

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Balancing Behavior

Lisa Moberg Uncategorized

Balance.  It’s what we all strive for in life, right?  It’s what teachers need in a classroom for it to function efficiently and harmoniously.  Students need a balance of hands-on activities, homework, friends, worksheets, and collaborative, critical-thinking projects.  Teachers need

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Good Night

Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

  In an age where everyone is looking for a quick fix, individuals forget that many times problems can be solved by focusing on simple solutions. I always compare education issues to my past experiences as a heavy equipment mechanic.

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