Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

Today I facilitated a professional development session on Cognitive Complexity for a half of my staff. We began the session with a comparison task between solving two sample assessment problems. One problem was from AIMS based on the 2008 math standards,

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White Noise

John Spencer Current Affairs, Education Policy

The Spanish-American War was an act of conquest. I don’t teach it that way. I do, however, offer primary sources, statistics and stories from the time period that challenge the textbook assumptions that Mexico baited the U.S. into war and

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Small Answers to Big Questions

Mike Lee Education, Education Policy

In the coming months, I will be writing on the topics below and explaining why some must be non-negotiable for sustainable improvement. If at least a few of them do not raise your blood pressure in protest, I likely have not advanced the conversation because we’ve all got it wrong. And right. The answers aren’t nestled in a list of ideas that are designed to please or appease any one ideology.

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The Ironman of Education

Lisa Moberg Uncategorized

As a National Board Certified Teaching candidate, it was to my great relief and growing apprehension to receive the anticipated e-mail last week, informing me that I will receive my scores on November 17th, 2012.  I have been waiting for

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Soft Skills

Manuel Chavez Uncategorized

  As a colleague and I were discussing the Common Core standards, I read the Mission Statement again, and I kept coming back to this sentence in the statement: “The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the

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