Jen Robinson Education Policy, Teacher Leadership

In Arizona each school district is required to have a new teacher and principal evaluation in place by December 15, 2011. The requirements are slightly different than we are accustomed to. Now, 33-50% of the evaluation is weighted by student

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Too Cool for School

Eve Rifkin Current Affairs, Education, Social Issues

Maybe that’s enough. These kids that hang around are safe, they aren’t doing anything illegal, they are enjoying each others company, and they are being respectful. We can see them, and they know it. They are choosing to be cared for on some strange level, not by participating in an after-school activity, but by simply being seen.

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Kelly Leehey Education, Mentoring

I am a brand new teacher.  After reading Teacher in a Strange Land’s most recent blog post, “Ten Alternative Tips for New Teachers,” a series of questions lingered in my mind.  Shouldn’t new teachers already know these things before stepping

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NCLB-Common Core-Value-Added-Limerick-of-all-Limericks

Alaina Adams Assessment, Education, Education Policy, Life in the Classroom, Professional Development, Social Issues, Teacher Leadership

There once was a passionate teacher, Who cheered with her students in bleachers. Then bubble sheets came, "Data management” reigned, And now her students can’t reach her. *Sometimes, a seemingly-nonsensical poem just says thingsbest.

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