Seven Words

Kelly Leehey Life in the Classroom

The bond between a teacher and her students runs deep.  Students treasure their teacher, every piece of her presence.  They prize her quirks, her expectations, her hugs, and her voice.  Students believe in their teachers. Other adults may be flawed,

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Cat Got Your Tongue

Julie Torres Uncategorized

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit around a table with a group of educators.  As usual I really didn’t say much.  I have often felt as though what I had to say was irrelevant or my choice of words

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Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

When my daughter began preschool I vowed to never be “that parent” who tells the teacher what and how to teach. Or to be “that parent” that demands to meet with the principal on a whim to tell him/her how

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Losing Hope

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

This year presents many challenges for educators. Budget cuts have left our district asking teachers to do more with less. Teachers are covering two and three duties each day. Some teachers barely have time to eat their lunch because their

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Even If It’s Hard

Molly Reed Teacher Leadership

After reading Teacher in a Strange Land's recent blog, I felt compelled to reflect on lessons learned from contributing to Stories from School as a female blogger. Reading through the "Boys Town" comments,  David Cohen's question grabbed my attention. "What can

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What Do Teachers and Jersey Shore Have in Common?

Alaina Adams Assessment, Books, Education, Education Policy, Life in the Classroom, Literacy, Mentoring, National Board Certification, Professional Development, Social Issues, Teacher Leadership, Web/Tech

One exhausted night at the end of May 2011, I got sucked into a Jersey Shore marathon and began to wonder if teachers could “GTL” like the overly-tanned and overly-paid reality show MTV characters. According to the oh-so-charming Mike “The

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That’s Not My Job!

Donnie Dicus Uncategorized

Four different people said that to me on Friday when I returned to my classroom after summer break and it got me thinking, "What exactly is my job?" When I came into my classroom after the break, I knew that

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