What Inspires You?

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

A few days ago I was having dinner with two friends. As we prepared for an upcoming presentation a simple question was raised: What has inspired you this year? I am inspired by the teachers I work with every day.

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Bad Word

Julie Torres Uncategorized

Words only have the power that we give them.  Consider the two words professional and unprofessional.  Professional can have several definitions, it is said that a person who is a professional is an expert at their work.  This definition leads

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Datsun B-210

Daniela A. Robles Uncategorized

  It seems like I’ve been talking about the Mitchell 20 saga endlessly. I can almost predict the questions that will be posed. I hope that my answers don’t sound like a broken record. I wonder if there is anything

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Your Ad Here

Molly Reed Current Affairs, Education

Turn on the television this time of year, and Black Friday commercials rule the airwaves. Their jingles get stuck in your head, subliminal messages convince you to be a "savings ninja," and after eating all that turkey you have dreams

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