Nothing Special

Eve Rifkin Education, Education Policy, Elementary, Mentoring, Professional Development

Jim has been teaching 1st grade for twenty years. Opportunities to work collaboratively with his colleagues should be as common to him as his annual bulletin-board-supply shopping trip, and yet over the course of his 20-year tenure, Jim has spent countless hours in, what he and most of his colleagues would describe as, “the fancy-man-in-the-suit-with-the-power-point trainings”. If Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule holds true, then Jim and so many others have become experts at feeling patronized and isolated.

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RTTT: Race to the Thermometer

Chris Maza Life in the Classroom

I really have to apologize for diverting your attention from the extensive commentary regarding the Race to the Top Winners. Furthermore, I apologize for interrupting the conversations regarding changes that the individual States made to State Education policies, including Arizona,

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Surf or Drown: Let’s Hunt TTWWADI’s!

Mike Lee Education, Education Policy, Elementary, Professional Development, Social Issues, Teacher Leadership, Web/Tech

I recently had the good fortune to hear Ian Jukes share his thoughts on education's struggle to keep pace with "Exponential Times."  I found his presentation particularly interesting because a book I recently read identified exponential growth as the most important

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Sitting… Waiting… Wishing…

Jen Robinson Uncategorized

Sitting… Waiting… Wishing… Think about our students, the students in your class, are they sitting, waiting, wishing? In the publication The Teachers of 2030, Barnett Berry’s statement, “The rules and tools of the No Child Left Behind Act have reinforced

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